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Approaching Longevity From All Angles
Longaevus Technologies is a private research organisation with laboratories based in The United Kingdom and Israel that explores new and diverse pathways to healthy longevity.
Our international team of renowned scientists, academics and industry experts brings experience from all over the globe. Our team works diligently in order to achieve our goal: the all-encompassing reversal of ageing.

Perspectives on Ageing

The importance of developing ageing interventions increases significantly as time goes on. An expanding population without longevity therapeutics equates to a tremendous increase in global spending on treatments for age-related diseases. Furthermore, the prevalence of multimorbidity (co-occurrence of multiple chronic conditions) increases steadily with age.
Today, there are still no approved treatments for the multi-causal process of ageing. As a consequence, the race to cure ageing is a main subject of research in leading laboratories around the world. Ever complex, ageing is delicately interwoven within the spheres of genetics, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and behaviour.
Unlike most companies, Longaevus believes an effective treatment must be developed at the intersection of all of these fields. Our approach is all-encompassing – we believe that in order to solve ageing, we must first determine the collective root cause.

Longaevus approaches the problem of ageing from 5 different directions:

Our research has shown that it is possible to first identify multiple ageing factors, then use interventions to counteract these factors and increase the lifespan of model organisms. Relevant studies have also demonstrated that the enhancement of particular genes’ expressions can cause organisms such as drosophila to live 2.5 times longer. Additionally, research on the DNA of the grey whale and Brandt’s bat has yielded significant results uncovering factors that affect their longevity. Following this multidirectional approach, we believe that we will achieve our goal to bring humanity towards a state of great age – or in latin, longaevus.


Ageing is a complex and intricate interplay of many different pathological networks. Our multidirectional approach permits us to implore all aspects of available ageing research and provide empirically grounded conclusions. This approach allows us to experimentally validate interventions that have a potential for clinical development. Through the use of our five-step pipeline, we believe we can introduce desperately needed ageing interventions to the world in a timely manner.


Our international team is comprised of some of the most globally impactful ageing researchers who bring their unique perspectives to longevity therapeutics.
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