Alexey Moskalev

Alexey Moskalev, PhD


Dr. Moskalev works as a scientific director at Longaevus. He is a well-known specialist in the field of genetics of life expectancy, aging, and radiation genetics with more than 100 publications in those areas. Before Longaevus Dr. Moskalev was focusing on the effect of low dose ionizing radiation on lifespan and aging of Drosophila strains with defects in apoptosis, DNA repair, and defense genes. Alexey spent over 20 years studying mechanisms of aging, longevity, and stress resistance in animal models, including DNA repair, heat shock proteins, NF-kB, Tor- and PI3K-signaling cascade, apoptosis. Alexey participated in the work of identifying mechanisms of exceptional longevity of Myotis brandtii bats and grey whale mammalian species. He was also a contributor in creating a database of biomarkers of aging Digital Ageing Atlas and databases of anti-aging drugs.