Sherif Idriss

Sherif Idriss, PhD

Entrepreneur in residence, CEO of Elastin Bioscience

Sherif Idriss, PhD, is an accomplished and highly skilled Life Scientist specializing in neuroscience and metabolism. His extensive research experience and expertise in glial cell biology, obesity, Inflammation, and Metabolism make him a valuable asset in the field. With a PhD in Neuroscience and Metabolism from the University of Lübeck, Sherif's doctoral work focused on investigating the role of HIF-1 in Astrocyte Metabolism. Sherif then went on to do a postdoctoral fellowship at the Inselspital at University of Bern, Switzerland, working on new advanced therapeurics of market sclerosis.

Sherif's proficiency extends to various laboratory techniques and methodologies, including surgery, mouse models of neurological disorders, pharmacology, cell culture, and molecular biology. He is well-versed in techniques such as ELISA, RT-PCR, Western Blots, NGS, and bioinformatics. Additionally, his expertise includes gene editing technologies like CRISPR, as well as flow cytometry, AAV vector design, and high-throughput techniques such as transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

Beyond his scientific skills, Sherif has a proven track record in project management. He has successfully managed multiple in vitro and preclinical life science projects with budgets of more than 4 million Euros, demonstrating exceptional organizational and leadership abilities. Moreover, Sherif has leveraged his comprehensive knowledge and skills as, delivering projects in market access, market research, and strategy design within his firm Lübeck Consulting Group.

With a strong academic background and a diverse skill set, Sherif Idriss brings valuable expertise to scientific research and leadership of Elastin Biosciences.