Elastin Biosciences Unveils Groundbreaking Preclinical Results in Elastin Preservation and Restoration

03 June 2024

Elastin Biosciences, a revolutionary biotechnology spin-off from Longaevus Technologies, has announced sensational preclinical in vivo results that could transform the treatment of elastin deficiency-related diseases such as abdominal aortic aneurysm and Williams syndrome.

In an astonishing breakthrough, mice treated with Elastin Biosciences' Elastin Restoration Platform demonstrated:

  • A five-fold surge in elastin expression
  • Dramatically improved arterial tensile strength
  • Enhanced metabolic profiles
  • Significant reduction in pro-inflammatory markers

These findings suggest the platform's unprecedented potential for broad therapeutic applications. Remarkably, the treatment also indicated the recovery of five genes partially deleted in the aorta in Williams syndrome models.

Sherif Idriss, Ph.D., CEO of Elastin Biosciences, stated:

"Our approach has demonstrated both therapeutic efficacy and potential for tissue recovery and regeneration, bringing us closer to developing effective treatments for numerous age-related diseases including those associated with the skin, lungs, and blood vessels. Notably, our treatment produced initial indications of efficacy in Williams syndrome, recovering the expression of five genes that are partially deleted in the aorta."

The Significance of Elastin in Aging

Elastin is a vital protein that provides elasticity and resilience to tissues such as skin, lungs, and blood vessels. As we age, the degradation of elastin leads to reduced tissue function, contributing to a range of age-related conditions, including:

  • Wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity
  • Compromised lung function
  • Vascular issues such as arterial stiffness and aneurysms

By restoring elastin levels, therapies have the potential to dramatically improve quality of life and longevity, offering a promising avenue for addressing multiple age-related diseases.

About Elastin Biosciences

Elastin Biosciences, a dynamic spin-off from Longaevus Technologies, is based in London and focuses on developing small molecule therapeutics to combat elastin deficiency. Their pioneering Elastin Restoration Platform has shown unparalleled success in increasing elastin expression and arterial strength in preclinical models.

For more information, visit elastin-biosciences.com.