Reversal of stiffening and mechanosensory signaling suspension in the extracellular matrix

Damage accumulation in long-living macromolecules, especially extracellular matrix proteins, is highly connected to aging and mortality. Mechano-sensitive integrins that interact with the matrix are involved in intercellular contacts, wound healing, degenerative diseases of cartilage, fibrosis and cancer.

Repair of physiological barriers

Aging is associated with violation of physiological barriers in the skin, lungs, vascular endothelium, kidneys, retina, hematoencephalic and gastrointerstinal barriers.

Addressing genome instability and retrotransposon activation

Mobile genetic elements (MGE), such as retrotransposons, make up 42% of the human genome. hey multiply by integrating into new areas of host genome and cause many negative effects for health and reproduction.

Reversal of mitochondrial dysfunction

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. The functioning of all cells of the body is associated with their effective work.

Restoration of autophagy regulation

Intracellular proteotoxicity of toxic and pro-inflammatory advanced glycation end products (AGEs) is restricted by two main proteolytic pathways: ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) and autophagy.