Collin Y. Ewald

Collin Y. Ewald, PhD

Molecular Biologist and a president of the Swiss Society for Aging Research, Scientific Advisor

Professor Collin Y. Ewald is a molecular biologist and a Scientific Advisory board member at Longaevus Technologies, as well as a professor at ETH Zurich, where he leads the Laboratory of Extracellular Matrix. Collin has a longstanding interest in the molecular biology of healthy aging and age-related pathologies. He is the founder and currently the president of the Swiss Society for Aging Research. He has received multiple awards, including NYAS Future Entrepreneur recognized by the New York Academy of Sciences, and is named under the top 1000 Longevity Leaders worldwide and the top 15 Longevity Influencers in Switzerland. His research focuses on the remodeling of the extracellular matrix during aging and upon longevity interventions. He coined the term matreotype that is the extracellular matrix composition caused or associated by a cellular or physiological status, genotype, or phenotype. Using gene expression data from humans at different ages and tissues, his team defined the youthful matreotype and used it to predict drugs that slow aging.